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:: About Inspire Intent

Welcome to my cozy little blog corner of the internet! Thank-you for taking the time to visit and learn more about Inspire Intent. This blog is being built into a treasure trove of inspirational sparks, clever resources and knowledge on an array of topics.

Art & Creativity in many forms, is a life-long passion of mine, I just... LOVE it! It's my pure joy. From photography to many types of design, branding & identity visioning; to some stellar skills in social media marketing and content developmentwhile working with several amazing entrepreneurs and businesses in defining their brand voice, assembling their 'look', emotion conveyedI have accrued many valuable skills in my adventures! 

My intent here is to beautifully package all this wondrous knowledge I've carefully curated in my learning adventures to share with you! I can't wait to extend my virtual cornucopia of amazing resources, magical tricks & clever tips with you guys! Win/win :)

I have a particular love for resourceful inspiring people, as without them? I would not have learned all I have from so many amazing teachers. I want to pay it forward to my fellow creative kindred spirits.

If I can learn it, do it, make it, create it? You can too. 

My intent? Is to inspire you. 

:: Life's An Art, We're The Artists.

Expect. Magic.

I do.

It works ;-)