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:: We Rise By Lifting Others

Saturday, January 03, 2015 Inspire Intent 1 Comments Category : , , , , , , , , ,

Need a little elevation of the soul? A lift in spirits? I have a story I'd like to share with you on how I elevated my own spirits and whilst rising? I had the absolute pleasure of elevating others as well. 

It's something I call Beautifully Contagious.

Have a moment? 

If so, do read on...

I was at a life crossroads. 

Moving forward with a life-long dream of mine.
Or turning back. To safer, more reliable methods.

It was time to make an important decision in life that I needed internal guidance on planning my next steps to push forward, or to retreat into my secondary plan (which was not an attractive option to me). I'm determined, if anything―once I have set my mind upon something? I do not easily back-down.

In deciding what my next life steps would be, some very inspired answers came to me.  

Questions I asked myself... and made myself answer.
(and, no. sometimes this isn't easy. but always eye-opening.)

How can I give back in ways of doing what I love? Creating beauty. Inspiring others. Utilizing my love of many art forms. What do I have to offer this world in my own way of making it a better place? How can I show my immense gratitude for people that make this a better place for many on a daily basis? People that give hope to many who might not have it? 

These are a few of the questions I asked myself in looking for my own way of adding light to a sometimes bleak world. The answers came, one by one, as I set forth my intent. Not only answers for me personally, but what ended up becoming a very intentful part of what I'm building a branch of my creative business upon. 

Within the last few years, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with and volunteering for several amazing non-profits within my community. School Choice Scholarships and The Cabbage Patch Settlement House to name a few, of which I have great respect for in the ways they're bringing betterment to the community. And in particular? Children (the babies, as my beloved Grandmother called them:). As they are our future leaders, with a HUGE place in my heart. I remember hearing this years ago, 
"Children are the messengers to a future we'll never see. 
What kind of message do you want to send?" That thought stuck with me, never forgotten. I can't even find its source? Perhaps it came to me through the ethers? Perhaps I only imagined it! I didn't question it too much, as it was an important part of the questions I was asking myself. I listened closely, and used the message as part of my intentful map I was creating, and still am. Bottom-line, when my heart screams? I listen. Here's what it said:

:: These are people I believe in.

:: These are people who give the ultimate gift. The gift of hope.

:: These are the kind of people I want to help in some way, shape or form.

:: These are the people with an intent that inspires me. To my core. 

:: This is an important foundational block in the type of business model I want to be the architect of.

:: These are people empowering society's future leaders. The Children. This is the kind of message I want to send.

These are people and organizations who are truly helping make this world a better place. In ways of providing a better education potential to children, empowerment for those who might need a helping hand; offering many forms of the arts, education & culture to some whom might have never been exposed to otherwise. People providing brilliantly amazing ways of betterment and new possibilities within our community. People that stand for something of true value. A child's future.

Within my realization? My personal intent & mission to find ways of giving back became more and more clear. I realized I could help in many ways. That perhaps in ways of tricks, tools & skills I have learned along the way? I could help these organizations spread their good word. Perhaps help them think outside the box on different marketing methods to spread their name further with social media, content creation & imagery. I could share my photography skills to help them in promoting their cause, gaining more experience as I helped them. An absolute example of Win/Win (Win;), my preferred mindset in doing anything. 

Though I might not be in the current financial position to donate huge sums of money to these life-changing causes? I am quite able to help in other ways—through my time, talents & skills. This is what I decided would be my starting point in ways of giving back. Paying it forward ~~~ 

* Inspirational Idea Sparks Flew Forth! *
An idea had been birthed!

My intent had been ignited!
So, my excitement aside (pardon my outbursts, I do this;)... 

What I would like to inspire you to do? 

Provide a 'Soul Spark' to you on...

Is to take a moment to think about Causes, People, Organizations within your own life that you're able to help. In some way, shape or form. 

:: What causes are you passionate about? 

:: How can you help make this world a better place in your own unique way? 

:: How can you lift others? 

It starts within each of us. To be the change we want to see. Never underestimate the value you are able to provide others. Never think it insignificant, the unique light you're capable of shining. It is invaluable. One person can change the whole course of someone's life. One person who believes in you, can give you the wings—that you might not have even realized you needed—to fly. Imagine  for one moment, what a whole fleet of people with the same intention are capable of? That's powerful. That is magic in its truest form, with tangible results.

What many aren't aware of—and that I have learned firsthand working behind the scenes with these amazing organizations—is that many non-profits (especially smaller ones) truly struggle to meet the needs for their cause. At times these organizations are severely understaffed, struggling to find volunteers. If you can contribute in one small way, offer a skill or talent of yours that could help! Why not? Reach out! No matter how small you might think it may be; it's not. Even if only an hour a month. It all helps, every drop. I guarantee you these organizations would be so grateful for any type of help you're able to offer. 

Added unexpected bonus? Giving Back gives such a fulfilling feeling—would you believe me if I told you it's even good for your health! It is so satisfying to know you are actually doing something, as opposed to just sitting back waiting for the world to change. You become an active participant. You add your light. You stand for something of value.

My own answers to self were simple as far as causes and organizations I'm passionate about, truly stand behind—light my fire. If it has to do with Children, Education, The Arts, Human Becomings who are not able to do for themselves or the less fortunate? Empowerment & Inspiration? I'm there. Everyone has a different hot button they're passionate about. What's yours?

If you need an excellent starting point to research organizations within your own community (actually it doesn't even have to be in your immediate area, many organizations are in great need of 'virtual volunteers' as well—worldwide, though my personal preference? Is to start at home, with my own) that might need your help? As a starting point on your own adventure into lifting others souls, peek here: VolunteerMatch.org. It's a great connection point for matching volunteers, non-profits and like-minded people to merge talents, skills, needs of. Explore it! See where you might be able to add your own unique light. If you are a non-profit group reading this and your organization is not currently listed at VolunteerMatch.org? Get yourself on there to find potential volunteers!

If you happen to be an organization, non-profit or an individual passionate about bettering our community, this world, lifting spirits? And you feel like I might be able to help your own intent in some way? I want you to get in touch with me at InspireIntent@gmail.com with Giving Back in the subject line. Or you can reach me via the contact form at: InspireIntent.com

Let's see what kind of Magic we can create, by Giving Back.

You in?
I hope so!
Let's do this.

And if perchance? You have your own amazing story, or inspiring experience of how you have Given Back? Please share! I would love to hear from you, as would many others. It's inspiring, on so many levels. Beautifully contagious. Win/Win. That's my intent.