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:: Inspire Intent: Branding Magic

Saturday, January 24, 2015 Inspire Intent 0 Comments Category : , , , , ,

Upcoming series, Inspire Intent: Branding Magic. A particularly favorite area of interest to me... as I just LOVE Branding & Identity! Brand architecture and creating every detailed facet of a cohesive identity. From creative entrepreneurs to brand-of-self; corporate to non-profitsBorn of necessity during the process of helping clients' find the best methods to identify, design and build their very own Total Brand Vision: marketing strategy, logo, website design, graphic design, defining their 'brand voice' & style, creating engaging social media content & visuals, to creating an aesthetically pleasing & consistent overall look for their brandI have assembled some great tips to help them clarify & refine their vision, that I'd love to share with you!

I'll be covering the subject in a very universally appealing way, that applies to your own specified intent in building your own unique brand. A simple step-by-step guide, broken down into easily digested tips that you can use to work with your branding & identity pros (as they soo appreciate working with someone who atleast has a general idea of what they want—trust me here;). Or! To build yourself. As you can very well do, if you're so inspired to.

This is gonna be fun! I'm excited! (yes, I apply this recipe to pretty much anything I do;) If you're interested in not missing any updates? Please subscribe to the Inspire Intent mailing list in the box to the right of your screen. 

As All-ways, Expect Magic! ;-) \o/