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:: Excellent Reminders to Self

Monday, February 02, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments Category : , , , ,

I absolutely loved this! From Julian Smith of inoveryourhead.net 
Had to share, and add a few of my ownthoughts...

Straight on? Pure Julian,

Italicized Side Notes = My Own Thoughts.

❖  Those who win are producers, not consumers. The first thing you do each morning should be active, not passive– no Facebook, no email. Whatever you choose should put you in a state of mind for the rest of the day. Choose carefully.  Priorities. Got 'em?. Yes? Yay! No? Get 'em. Pronto. What is of most importance to you?

❖  The goals others set for you are usually wrong. The people who give them to you seem well meaning, and they have more experience, too. But your heart will guide you better than anyone. Find internal markers to know if what you’re doing is right.  a.k.a. - Intuition.

❖  If you do two things at once, one of them is getting done wrong. No matter how wrong you think this is, or how many exceptions you think there are… I sincerely doubt it.  Focus. Intently.

❖  Any organization that claims it has the answer is either wrong or lying.  Sometimes it makes a fun game to try and guess which one it is they’re doing. You’ll also notice that, somewhere along the line, they want you to either buy something or work for free.  Cut tha crap. Investigate for yourself.

❖  Since everything is getting louder, seek out the places that are quiet. Sanctuaries are few and they all get a bad rap. Parks, libraries, and all the rest are places to make sure you have your head on straight. Go there. Find out what people think of you. Amplify it.  Quit seeking others for 'answers'. Look into your own source.

❖  Everything that isn’t your main purpose should be either delegated or dropped. If you do this right, you should make more money, not less. Pay attention to what’s vulnerable, not just what’s strong. Actually, this also helps you predict trends in the marketplace, which is good for your pocketbook.  Priorities.

❖  Take some time to do absolutely nothing. Meditate every day, if only for a minute. It produces an amazing ability to step back and escape whatever your usual patterns are. Be creative. Let your joy - surge. In whatever form. It creates sparks, equaling... pure beauty. I swear it. PS? I'm terrible at meditating :/. I always have one eye open, thinking... "you really meditating?? no way." ~tries to look convincing here~ =/ (how do y'all do that? teach meee!?;) So? I can't 'meditate? Creativity is my form of meditation. Ch'yup! Do what works for you!

❖  Wear your heart on your sleeve. Do this no matter how many times you get hurt. Keep on feeling, no many how many times your heart gets hurt lessons leanrt. All growth. I promise.

❖  Join a movement. Or better yet, create one. The whole world is ready to be changed by someone just like you. I need you. Your story? Life. Inspires. Me. And sooo many others, you might not even realize. Swear it.

❖ The world is going faster, but that doesn’t mean you should. Slow is good too. Smart? Is not always faster. Remember some good old-fashioned ways.

❖  Find the time to think. Freewriting produces more clarity, and reduces stress, more than almost any activity. Flow, Mo! Cut. You. Loose~~~ We love it. I swear.

❖  Start a gratitude journal. Studies show it is the one thing that produces the largest change in happiness. I’ve had one for the past month and it’s been awesome.True. Story. Though mine so far is only mental ~starts writing it down~

❖  Have a quest. It fills your days with pregnant purpose and makes you live longer, too. VisionQuest. Googleit. Check out Carl Jung’s archetypes; he knew a thing or two. It’ll help you find your place in the grand scheme of things.

❖  Let everyone be. Don’t try to change them. They’re just following a larger pattern – and so are you.

❖ Go through your childhood and find what interested you. Combine those things and add a trend or two. Do it right and you’ll have a great business. It’s ok to get sidetracked.

❖ Don’t worry about wasted time. Start again today. No such thing as "wasted time" if you learned something. Today is a completely new day. Fresh canvas. Paint it.However.You.Want...